Download the remote assistance program and allow our technicians to resolve your issue through a secure, encrypted connection over the Internet.

To use the remote assistance program:

  1. Download TeamViewer QuickSupport from the manufacturer’s website –
  2. Run the program.
  3. Contact the technician by calling our number 801 003 312 or 91 48 10 267.
  4. Provide the technician with “Your IDand password.
  5. Receive professional assistance through an encrypted Internet connection.

After the session is concluded (the program is closed), the technician is automatically disconnected, and there is no possibility of reconnection without the client’s initiation. The connection is ALWAYS initiated on the client’s side. Our technicians cannot remotely connect to your computer without your acceptance (initiation of the program).


TeamViewer operates with full encryption based on the exchange of RSA public and private keys and session encryption with 256-bit AES code. This technique is also used in the https/SSL protocol and is considered fully secure and compliant with current knowledge and technological advancements. Since the private key never leaves the client’s computer, there is a technical impossibility of decrypting the data stream by computers connected indirectly over the internet. This applies to TeamViewer’s routing servers as well.

Access Security

In addition to the automatically generated ID, TeamViewer creates a dynamic session password that, by default, changes with each program launch, providing additional security against unauthorized access to the system. Important additional features, such as data transfer, require extra manual confirmation from the user. Moreover, invisible control of the computer is generally not possible due to data protection; the user of the remote computer must be informed about any attempt to access.


An additional security feature is the signing of all TeamViewer programs using VeriSign code signing technology. This ensures the identification of the software publisher at all times.


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