CCTV, which stands for Closed-Circuit Television, refers to industrial television systems.

What are the possibilities of industrial television systems? Here are a few of them:

  • Preview and control from any computer connected to the local network or the internet.
  • Digital image recording in extreme sunlight or total darkness, in continuous mode, according to a schedule, or only upon motion detection.
  • Reading license plate numbers and access control.
  • Detection of abandoned objects (e.g., left suitcase).
  • Sunshades equipped with heaters and thermostats, enabling the system to operate in any temperature conditions.
  • Capability to integrate with alarm systems, time attendance recording, access control systems, etc.

Industrial television, thanks to advanced technology, works exceptionally well in industrial plants, banks, hotels, sports facilities, offices, commercial spaces, office buildings, and residences. It is also effective in parking lots, gas stations, or places with intense vehicular and pedestrian traffic. In short, practically everywhere.

We prioritize quality, which is why we collaborate with the best distributors and installers. We offer proven, high-quality equipment at reasonable prices. We integrate access control systems and industrial television with other IT systems to provide comprehensive business support.

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Access control systems

We design and implement access control systems.

Access control systems are currently one of the most common security measures in businesses. It’s quite challenging to imagine a modern company or institution today without such a solution.

Here are a few reasons why it’s worth opting for an access control system:

  • Increase the safety of individuals on the premises.
  • Reduce the risk of losses associated with theft of property or information.
  • Archive data on the movement of individuals within the facility.
  • Access to personnel data in case of sudden building evacuation.
  • Improve employee discipline.
  • Reduce business operating costs by reducing physical security personnel.

Security matters are of utmost importance to us, which is why we prioritize the quality of the selected solutions.

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Development of IT infrastructure.

We specialize in implementing solutions based on internet technologies that allow easy access to the company’s IT resources from anywhere in the world. Thus, the projects we undertake, combined with the company’s IT structures, enable the implementation of new solutions in the field of data exchange and management.

The applications we create, launched through web browsers in conjunction with secure data transmission protocols, enable safe and efficient work outside the company’s headquarters, from anywhere in the world.

This solution also allows for efficient access to the company’s databases and, thanks to the use of appropriate tools, enables the analysis of its operations based on visualization supported by data warehousing mechanisms.

The advantage of applications based on internet technologies is the ease of their distribution and updates. Besides developing a new version of the application and placing it on the server, the company doesn’t have to undertake any other actions related to the distribution of the new version of the application.

The use of internet languages for application development allows for the use of various system platforms. By employing this technology, a company gains the ability to connect remote branches using different system platforms into one efficiently operating structure that exchanges information.

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IT Security

Our team consists of experienced IT security specialists, allowing us to provide comprehensive security solutions tailored to individual needs. We are fully committed to ensuring the continuity of our clients’ business operations and data protection at every stage. By using our services, you not only ensure security but also peace of mind, allowing you to focus on the development of your business.


Our offer includes:

  1. Monitoring and Threat Detection:

We utilize advanced tools for continuous monitoring of your infrastructure, threat identification, and prompt response in case of an incident.

  1. Firewall and Antivirus:

We provide effective antivirus and firewall solutions to protect your systems from external attacks.

  1. Updates and Patches:

We perform regular updates and apply the latest security patches, crucial in preventing software vulnerabilities.

  1. Security Training:

We assist in educating your staff to enhance awareness and skills in IT security.

  1. Data Protection Solutions:

We ensure secure storage and management of your data, including backup and recovery after a failure.


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Network Administration

Managing a LAN or WAN network is a task that determines the efficient operation of an entire company; neglecting infrastructure management in this area can lead to unpleasant and costly consequences. With years of experience in managing IP networks for small and large companies from various sectors, we have become professionals in this field.


We support your company at every stage of network creation and management, from designing the entire telecommunications infrastructure, purchasing equipment, installation, implementation, to effective optimization and maintenance. Additionally, we will prepare the network for future needs, ensuring not only its smooth and efficient operation but also taking care of all procedures related to data security and storage on servers.


VPN – Virtual Private Network


We offer top-class VPN solutions (Virtual Private Networks). In today’s world, ensuring reliable and secure connections for employees working outside the traditional office is crucial. Our expertise in connecting remote branches of companies using VPN technology allows us to guarantee the highest level of data protection.


VPN not only effectively secures data transmitted over the Internet from potential threats but also enables precise user authorization. This ensures that only authorized individuals have access to key network resources of the company. Our solutions are versatile enough to be used by employees anywhere – be it their own homes, cafes, or even remote locations around the world.


In the digital era, when remote work is becoming more common, we provide the necessary tools for smooth and secure network operation. If you are looking for reliable network administration supported by our expertise and experience, we are here to help.


We prioritize the highest quality of services. Therefore, we carefully select partners, technologies, and equipment suppliers. Thanks to their flexibility, we can tailor our services to the individual needs of our clients.


As part of network design, we perform:

  • Comprehensive and accurate documentation
  • Highly specialized environmental measurements
  • Analysis of client preferences and company needs in terms of economic and technical assumptions.


The computer networks LAN created by us utilize proven and appreciated devices from world-renowned manufacturers. We select only the equipment capable of providing us with the highest quality and full performance for the entire network. When designing and preparing the network, we prioritize a high level of network security.

In our offer, you will find:

  • Detection and resolution of network problems
  • Design and configuration of servers and virtual computer networks
  • Security audits for Windows and Linux-based servers and audits of entire computer networks
  • Preparation of systems for secure backup – both in commercial and open-source forms
  • Preparation of security systems based on hardware and software firewalls
  • Design and implementation of computer networks based on static and dynamic routing.

Designing and Maintaining WiFi Networks


Recognizing the growing role of wireless network access in the modern business environment, we offer a full range of services related to designing, implementing, and managing WiFi networks. Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Needs Analysis and Advisory: Our team will carefully analyze your requirements to identify optimal network solutions that provide efficient and secure access to the internet and network resources.
  • WiFi Network Design: Our services cover both small, single-point WiFi installations and extensive multipoint networks with advanced features such as roaming, client isolation, or dedicated bands for various applications.
  • Implementation and Deployment: We undertake the full implementation of WiFi networks, from device installation to configuration and integration with existing network infrastructure. Security and Access Control: We secure the network against unauthorized access while providing simple and convenient authorization for users. We also offer advanced access control mechanisms and content filtering.
  • Monitoring and Management: Thanks to monitoring and management tools, we can track network performance in real-time, identify and resolve issues, and adjust configurations to changing needs.
  • Support and Maintenance: Our expert knowledge and experience enable rapid diagnosis and resolution of any problems, always maintaining the highest security standards.


Wireless LANs are an integral part of modern organizations and a key element for employee mobility. Therefore, we carefully select technologies and devices to ensure our clients not only performance but also security.

Server Administration

We specialize in selling and delivering servers. We design and configure network service servers, as well as handle the expansion and modernization of existing systems.

We provide licenses for various Microsoft server products:

  • Windows Server
  • Exchange
  • ISA Server
  • SQL Server
  • Client Access Licenses (CALs).


We offer a comprehensive range of Microsoft products available on the market.

Our services include:

  • Sales of servers from globally recognized brands (HP, DELL, IBM) as well as our own designs,
  • Professional advice on server purchases based on the services provided, analyzing customer needs,
  • Guidance on purchasing licenses and licensing principles,
  • Backup systems.

Technical service and server maintenance:

  • Diagnostics (memory diagnostics, disk subsystems, RAID arrays, etc.) and server repairs, including the delivery and replacement of damaged components,
  • Restoration of servers after an operating system failure (repair of damaged system partitions, distributed or mirrored volumes – RAID, etc.),
  • Restoration of individual server services,
  • Advice on creating and configuring services to restore servers after a failure.


Configuration and customization of services on servers:

  • We specialize in implementing and configuring Active Directory directory services,
  • DNS, DNS forwarding,
  • DHCP,
  • Configuration of routing and remote access, VPN, RADIUS, IPSec,
  • Configuration of web services Apache, IIS, FTP, WebDav,
  • Configuration of POP3, SMTP,
  • Configuration of the Distributed File System DFS,
  • Configuration of file and print servers.


Securing Linux/Unix servers:

  • Kernel patches,
  • Software firewall (e.g., iptables),
  • Protection against port scanning,
  • System updates,
  • Ports, logs, and applications,
  • System backup on a different partition,
  • backup on another server,
  • RAID system depending on the server,
  • IDS (Intrusion Detection System) or IPS (Intrusion Prevention System),
  • Log systems (e.g., syslog-ng) and anomaly detection in logs (e.g., logwatch),
  • Automated reaction systems, e.g., closing ports (e.g., fail2ban)


Cloud Servers

In addition to our standard server administration services, we also offer comprehensive solutions for both public and private cloud servers. Additionally, we specialize in migrating physical servers to cloud environments, providing greater flexibility and scalability for IT infrastructure.


Cloud Servers: Public and Private


Public Cloud Ideal for companies that need quickly scalable resources and flexibility in cost management. We offer server management in major public clouds such as OVHCloud, AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure. Our services include:

  • Consulting on choosing the best cloud solution Cloud migration,
  • including migration from physical servers
  • Resource management and monitoring
  • Cost optimization Data security and backup

Private Cloud

A solution for companies requiring specialized configurations and maximum security. We provide:

  • Design and implementation of private clouds
  • Configuration and resource management
  • Support for security and compliance regulations
  • Monitoring and maintenance of infrastructure
  • Consulting on scaling and expansion
  • Migration from physical servers to a private cloud


Regardless of the chosen cloud model, our expertise and years of experience in network and server administration guarantee the highest level of service. We provide comprehensive support at every stage of the project, from needs analysis to implementation and ongoing maintenance.


Under our care are hundreds of our own servers and those of our clients in Poland and abroad, both in traditional data centers and in the cloud


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