IT support for businesses

The IT support offered by our company provides comprehensive services ensuring smooth operation and IT security for your business. Thanks to the implemented SLA system, we guarantee our clients a high level of service. We work in accordance with the highest standards of information security, adhering to the ISO 27001 norms implemented in our company.

External IT support primarily translates into significant savings in corporate expenses. Over 20 specialists from every IT field are at your disposal, ensuring the security, efficiency, and comfort of work in your company.

The IT support offered by us for businesses ensures constant assistance in the maintenance and management of the entire computer infrastructure of your business. In the market, we stand out primarily for our experience and versatility. Each member of our team is a highly qualified specialist in their field. For our clients, we can organize work ranging from basic IT support to comprehensive management of the IT department

What do we deal with in the scope of IT outsourcing?

  • Infrastructure Management: Monitoring, maintenance, and updating of servers, network devices, and other key elements of the infrastructure. In this area, we also offer server migration from physical to cloud.
  • Employee Support: Quick and effective technical assistance on-site and remotely. We provide solutions to issues related to software, hardware, or access to network resources.
  • Security and Safety: Implementation and monitoring of security solutions such as firewalls, antivirus software, or intrusion detection systems. Regular security audits and response to security incidents.
  • Website Management: We provide content updates, domain management, hosting, and SSL certificates. We also support SEO and website traffic analysis.
  • Consultation and Technological Advice: Providing support in planning and implementing new technologies. Analysis of business needs in the IT context and recommendation of appropriate solutions.

We leverage our expert knowledge of new technologies to implement, integrate, and optimize the IT systems of our partners. We operate proactively to prevent issues before they arise, while ensuring a quick response in the event of unforeseen situations. Our team is continuously trained and updated on the latest technologies and practices to provide our clients with the best possible solutions within IT outsourcing.

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The delivery of hardware and software.

We collaborate with leading global suppliers and manufacturers of computer hardware. We fulfill specialized orders for both software and hardware. We provide substantive support as well as later service for purchased equipment.

We fulfill orders for the delivery of:

  • Computer equipment – desktop computers, laptops, servers,
  • Wired LAN network equipment – switches, routers, cabling,
  • Wireless WiFi network equipment – Access Points, wireless network cards, antennas,
  • Peripheral devices – printers, scanners, multifunction devices.
  • Software – system, specialized, and antivirus.
  • Point Of Sale (POS) systems – for catering, retail points of sale, factories, and warehouses.

The computer equipment delivery process is divided into three stages:

  1. Gathering Requirements

During this stage, our specialist will visit your company to finalize the order specification (detailed technical parameters of computer equipment and software) and any additional services. Depending on the quantity and type of equipment, as well as its availability, the order fulfillment time will be determined. We will then prepare and send a complete cost estimate for the order, including the cost of hardware and services. After order acceptance, we proceed to stage 2.

  1. Purchase and Testing of Equipment

This stage involves the purchase and assembly of equipment according to the order specification. We then install the operating system and any other ordered software (e.g., MS Office, antivirus programs, etc.). All computers with installed Windows are always updated through the Microsoft Update website. Additionally, we subject the computers to load and performance tests to ensure that the hardware is fully functional before it is handed over to the client.

  1. Installation of Hardware and Software Configuration

The final stage of order fulfillment is the installation of the equipment at your company. In addition to basic configuration and connecting new computers to the network, we also provide services for installing utility programs (e.g., accounting software) and transferring data from old computers. We perform new installations and expansions of existing computer network structures.

We collaborate with leading global suppliers and manufacturers of computer hardware. We fulfill specialized orders for both software and hardware. We provide substantive support as well as later service for purchased equipment.


Helpdesk – Technical Support

As part of IT support for businesses, we offer the opportunity to avail our services at any time. Our technicians, regardless of interventions resulting from reported issues, regularly visit the headquarters of our partners and conduct inspections and maintenance of devices and software.

To resolve urgent issues and problems, we utilize the option of remote connection to clients’ devices using TeamViewer software.


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